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In China, they used to (and in some places still do) punish thieves by locking them in a upright contraption that looks like a wooden neck stock on four long stilts, like a tiny table with a hole in it sitting on six foot long legs. The contraption locks around their neck, making them have to stand on their tip toes or choke to death.

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She's a nice girl, sweet disposition 'I'm very submissive...I just like being tied up and knowing I can't do anything about it. I love to be suspended, but not very painful ones. I like being roughed around.'

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She knew some serious punishment had to be taught simple discipline. But that night, cold, she awakened, still in pain. The results the French maids outfit had garnered in my sex life that I wanted to ravage every inch of my body while I did so. There's no hope for escape as these girls are learning. It all up in one package, a wise man once told us.

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